The Abortion Project

. Abortion Project, Artists SpaceThe Abortion Project, a collaboration by Kathe Burkhart and Chrysanne Stathacos

The Abortion Project
, a collaboration by Kathe Burkhart and Chrysanne Stathacos, commemorated the Manifeste de 343, a bold demand for women’s reproductive rights published in 1971 in Le Nouvel Observateur, France. It was presented at Artists Space, Simon Watson Gallery, Real Art Ways, Hallwalls, and New Langton Arts between 1990 and 1993. Part One of the exhibit is an installation commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Manifeste de 343—a French public declaration stating all the signatories had had abortions, the most celebrated of whom was Simone de Beauvoir. The exhibit featured a collection of 686 collected signatures of women in the arts, enlarged and painted in red directly on the gallery walls. This work was originally presented at Artists Space in New York curated by Connie Butler. Part Two of the exhibit consists of artworks by 40 women artists who have long been involved with issues of gender and women’s rights. They include Barbara Kruger, Adrian Piper, Lorna Simpson, Kiki Smith and Nancy Spero at the Simon Watson Gallery in New York. The first time both art projects were presented together was at Real Art Ways, and curated by Anne Pasternak,  subsequently traveling to Hallwalls and New Langton Arts with a poster designed by  Amy Lipton, who  had events supporting the project at her gallery.

“Say goodbye to coat hangers”: abortion as a theme in contemporary in Contemporary Visual Arts and how it can reduce abortion stigma by Tom Nys
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The Abortion Project in  Buffalo News, 1992,