Early Years – Toronto 1970’s-80’s

A Space, Toronto comes to Hallwalls,1979- photo credit Chrysanne Stathacos

Early years in Toronto – 1970 – 1980’s

My early years in Toronto were marked by a dedication to my art practice and presenting   diverse projects for the community.  I curated and organized   A Space comes to Hallwalls (1979) which resulted in Hallwalls coming to A Space  – the first exchange shows between Toronto and Buffalo,  and  7 Artists, at Artists Space, NYC curated by Ragland Watkins. My first major public art project was   Terminal Building, A Space (1981)—in which artists such as  General Idea, and Rae Johnson  were invited to interact with a building about to be demolished in the Queen West neighbourhood.  In the early 80’s I exhibited with Robert Flack at Chromozone, Toronto  and OKROMAZONE – die Anderen von Kanada in Berlin. (Dec.1982).  My works were also presented  at Yarlow Salzman Gallery, A Space, Mercer Union and Harbourfont. From the  late 1980’s through the 1990’s I exhibited at Garnet Press, where I introduced my alter ego, Anne de Cybelle and her famous Hair Dresses.

Martin Heath, Elke Town, David Buchan, and Colin Lockhead and I formed The Gap, Grange Arts and Performance , which ran in the early 1980’s  in downtown Toronto in the Queen Street West neighbourhood.  Often collaborating with A Space, The Gap combined innovative performance by international and local artists including Randy and Berenicci, Elizabeth Chitty, David Buchan, Min Tanaka Lawerence Weiner,  and Michael Smith.

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Invitation of Robert Flack and Chrysanne Stathacos for Chromazone exhibition, 1982
photograph©Jorge Zontal, General Idea