Purify is the first of a series of floating sculptures, 2008-2011.  Imagine a large haiku poem, floating in the river, with lotuses and lilies growing, pushing out, revealing themselves while purifying the water of toxins. The intention of these works is to probe a way  an integrated form can engage the public, heal the river, and yet be both poetic and political while maintaining a conceptual framework. Going, gone, go  – beyond is the intention.

True Patriot Love

True Patriot Love is the memorable phrase from Canada’s National anthem.  This phrase is transformed into a giant haiku flower poem – placed so that the three words form different configurations as they float in a water-filled pond during the night of the event. Love True Patriot – Patriot Love True are possible configurations. The words, using the Government of Canada standard typography, are constructed from  flowers attached to three cut maquettes of marine plywood. By having the words float individually, the dictionary meaning of each word will be highlighted: and the viewers were able to project and comment  on what the words meant to them in a video.

The Floating PoemTrue Patriot Love was commissioned  by The City of Toronto for Nuit Blanche, Zone A in 2011-  More information can be found at this link below

CCCA Nuit Blanche