Public Art Commissions and Proposals

Philosophy on Public Art, 2012

My art practice focuses on expanding and enriching one’s experience of art through innovative interventions in public spaces. I find there is nothing more gratifying than facilitating conversations and activities among diverse communities while promoting understanding of our deep connection to nature.

Thirty years of experience has informed my approach to public art, making it multifaceted and global in its worldview. It has also infused my various roles as collaborator, interpreter, and mentor with a conscious intent to bond with the communities I enter, while positively impacting on the their surroundings. I achieve this by striving to present images and forms that are familiar to a given community, yet are also re-contextualized in a manner uniquely inspiring and expansive of their views of art’s relationship to the natural and cultural environment. In this manner I hope to renew people’s sense of cultural pride while encouraging them to take ownership of the art that they encounter–the way that my “Three Wishing Trees” and “True Patriot Love” were developed specifically for the public to engage while prompting contemplation and reflection to fill them.

In closing, I only wish to emphasize how crucial it is that we make public art a vehicle for, if not a realization of, the publics’ wishes and desires for a better world. In this effort, I make my art an instrument of hope that cannot be underestimated, and as such, I wish to make art that is a font for a deeper understanding of communal visions in a flourishing world.

New York City One Garden One Year

An installation of 36 photographs from my series New York City One Garden was commissioned for the Bank of America in 2008.  This selection from  six-hundred photographs which I took  over the course of 12 months of a courtyard garden, located on the border of the Chelsea and Greenwich Village districts of New York City,.  The work looks at nature as a cultural mirror for birth, growth, death and decay evoking a visual mantra, an observation on change and the cycle of time.


Gardens: Heart Flowers and Wisdom Tree

In 2012 I was shortlisted as a finalist for a public art commission for  City of Toronto. My concept proposal Gardens: Heart Flowers and Wisdom Tree unites the universal theme of a garden with a lively visual conversation. The overall imagery, meaning, light and reflection of the works will generate memories of gardens and trees, and intended to inspire the imaginations of the inter-generational communities.  Please note that Garden:Heart Flowers and Wisdom Tree are under copyright/ © Chrysanne Stathacos 2013.

Heart Flowers was specifically designed with a living wall in mind. The three sculptures of flowers will swim on the living wall forming a large flowerbed vision, contrasting the living green plants with three oversize sculptures of  flowers while retaining a holistic vision.

Wisdom Tree: Trees stand as a universal symbol for growth, wisdom,  renewal, endurance, and transformation. They also figure prominently in a variety of motifs, metaphors, imagery, and mythologies. “Family trees”, the “tree of life” and “wishing trees” – these expressions encompass nuances of Nature, ancestry, the passage of time, hope and knowledge. Each tree has its own unique quality, which we relate to intuitively.