Refuge, a wish garden, is an interactive public artwork actings as a garden for meditation, protection, and wishing actions.

Refuge, a wish garden has been presented at

The Bundesgartenschau 2011, Koblenz, Germany (2011)

Into the Trees, Art Omi/The Fields, Hudson NY (2008),

Treelines, Abington Art Center Philadelphia, ,Pa (2006)

Landesgartenshau, Grossenhaim, Germany (2002)


Inside a 20-40 foot circle of sand, eight benches are placed around a large magnificent tree in a circular fashion mirroring a feng shui pa kua. The benches are protected vantage points in which one can sit and view the wish garden, creating a transcendent space before one makes an action. Each direction corresponds to a color, an element, and an aspect of life.

North – blue – water – career
Northeast – beige – small earth – education/knowledge
East – brown/green – strong wood – family and health
Southeast – green – small wood – wealth and prosperity
South – red – fire – recognition and fame
Southwest – yellow – strong earth – marriage/romance
West – metallic white gold – small metal – children
Northwest – metallic white gold – strong metal – mentors

The benches are made from wood, two small trunks holding up a log shaped plank, inspired by  benches found in Algonquin Park, Canada. The surface of each bench is painted the color of its direction. The tree has 20-30 foot lengths of hand-braided fabrics tied and wrapped around transforming it into a wishing tree. Baskets placed in between the benches are filled with cloth/fabrics to tie on the tree, rocks to pile up, sticks to draw on the sand and flowers to place anywhere.