The Petals, magical works on paper with images on rose petals,  First shown in 1997 at TPW, Toronto, The Petals series had also been exhibited at  Oakville Galleries,Oakville; Canada: Nature Morte, New Delhi, India; Lombard Freid, NYC and India International Centre, New Delhi.  The Petals were included in The Value of Water at St John the Divine in New York.

India 2063 : Video 

The Petals are featured in  the video work, India 2063 , with sound by artist Andrew Zealley.  India 2063  is a  poetic art rant dream of a time when prejudice, war and religious intolerance no longer exists! A visionary take of the future intertwined with time travel, rose petals, headstands, fire and love. The text was written by Stathacos in 1996, imagining a time in the future past her lifetime.

Anne de Cybelle was standing on her head meditating on the future. There was only one problem, the future, present and past had all collided into one. Time travel was everywhere. The world had reclaimed the love power of the 1960’s and transformed it. Empathy ruled this fusion of love and time. The old Internet was trivial by comparison. It was 2063 and life was fun again.

Anne found space time exhilarating. Sometimes she would be seen in a mirrored nightgown just floating in space. Her oeuvre had transformed through the centuries so now Anne could create art by thinking. Thoughts and images in her mind would now materialize at will on rose petals. Humans and aliens came from all over the universe to learn her methods. 

Anne had survived the 1800’s by doing the unimaginable, a woman making art. She was rediscovered in at the end of the 20th century for merging her creative talents with spirituality. Now in the 21st century Anne’s powers were so strong that her art consisted of magical visual panoramas based on compassion and wisdom, the hallmarks of human rights.

The world had changed into a new form. The old prejudices were gone. It did not matter whether you were white, black, green, male, meal, gay straight, or even alien The conservative religious right gun bomb bearing hysteria was gone. That war mentality had brought on so much blood shed that they had killed each other off with millions of innocents. The ones left behind got so sick of this behavior, that is someone now exhibited those tendencies, they were banished of to outer space for eons to meditate on their behavior. The violence of the past was looked on s truly pathetic and unacceptable especially if done in the name of religion.

 The Academy/ Art world had changed too. It wasn’t about the new, the young, the shocking, the cool, the money, the power, the angst, the conceptual, the beautiful, the stupid, the banal, the crazy the minimal the global, and so on…. Everything: art music theatre dance, new media, film writing and poetry had all merged into one space. The arts had integrated into the global society so there was a constant exchange of ideas and practices. No one collector, dealer, producer, or mogul held all the cards

The cards have fallen into the streets.

Now nothing was right nothing was wrong but the experience was everything. 

 The power of the mind with heart tool precedence

 Anne loved it….

Chrysanne Stathacos, 1996